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As this page title suggests, this is a page of extras. That is, additional websites or links that support messages or products that we endorse. Feel free to click on any link provided to explore those sites as well. We will occassionally update this portion of our site so make sure to check back regularly.

For those of you who believe in a Pre-Tribulational Rapture, we have a book that addresses those left behind. It is better described as a project and intended to be left behind in your home after the Rapture has occurred. The primary component of this book is a letter that you can leave behind in your home that will explain the world’s condition at that time. It also lets the reader know what to expect, based on Biblical prophecy. It has a detailed plan of salvation for those left behind to explain how they can receive Christ even after all Believers have departed for Heaven. It is currently being sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble's website. Click either link below to find out more about how you can participate in this project and very possibly lead someone to Christ even after you've departed this earth in the Rapture.

Amazon - Where Did Everybody Go?: A Guide for Those Left Behind at the Rapture of the Church: Finch, Jim: 9781636491851: Books

Barnes and Noble - Where Did Everybody Go?: A Guide for Those Left Behind at the Rapture of the Church by Jim Finch, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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