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Welcome to Worship Shirts

Helping Christians witness to non-Christians

Here are a few testimonies from some that have purchased a shirt that led to a witnessing encounter.

I was wearing one of your shirts while setting up a trade show. It said "There won't be any atheists in hell". I noticed that one of the laborers that we had hired to help us kept looking at it. A few days later when we were tearing down the booth, he came over to me and asked me what the shirt meant that I had worn a few days earlier. We ended up talking for about 2 hours. A couple of days later he called to tell me that he, along with his 12 year old daughter had accepted Jesus. This is a conversation that I never would have had without wearing that shirt. Thanks for helping me by making these shirts. They really do work! - J.M. - Atlanta

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I was wearing the there won't be any atheists in hell t-shirt while i was out one day. I had gone into a bookstore to do some shopping. When i came out, a guy that had been in the store actually chased me down to ask about the shirt. It turns out that he was an atheist that had been raised as a Christian. We talked for about 15-20 minutes and I got to witness to him. i probably would not have had that chance without the shirt. Thanks. Mike - Portland, OR

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